Modules | Bite splints

Our model design software meets the stringent requirements of the dental labs that work with intraoral or impression scan data to generate accurate models efficiently and economically. It allows labs to replace their manual model-making process with a digital creation, for faster and more consistent results.

Our design software enables the generation of full models for a wide range of restorations based on intraoral or impression scan data. The full models enable accurate placement of the implant on the digital recording as well as the creation of a hole for the analog to be snapped into the printed model. A removable gingival area can be defined, along with its model or separately.


Different types of models are available for covering the various production processes:

  •  Geller
  • Hollowed
  • Offset: with uniform thickness
  • Monoblock model: the die is fixed to the model and also printed separately
  • Sawcut models: for Baumann and Dentona plates