Production for industry​

Ms Dental Systems specializes in the computerized implementation of 3D applications and provides consultancy, accompaniment and support services to large and small companies in the defense, aircraft and high-tech industries and to various other industries.

In addition, we offer machining services based on  CNC milling and turning for a range of companies in Israel and abroad.

The company was established in 2007 and introduced to the dental technology industry and to the industry in general the world best and most advanced methods. We strive to offer all our customers a personal, confidential and professional service that provides the best and most efficient solutions for their problems. Due to our unique manufacturing systems we are able to offer at the same time one of the highest manufacturing quality in the world.

Manufacturing for industry may take the form of mass production using advanced methods, for the production of a large quantity of industrial products at significantly lower prices than by using manual production. The manufacturing process is mostly carried out by machinery, but we believe that the quality of the persons and the materials involved in the production process constitutes an integral part of the product quality. Therefore we carefully chose our personnel and do not compromise on the quality of the raw materials in order to supply to our customers the best products. We employ several of the most successful and top quality manufacturing methods such as SLM, CNC and printing, together with the best machines, in order to achieve superior results. We have no doubt that the combination of successful methods with the best machines leads to accurate high level results.