MS Dental Systems specialize in computerized manufacturing of 3D applications for the dental industry and the global industry. The company operates one of the most advanced systems in the world and provides a variety of solutions for professionals in the industries, using meticulous use of modern technology and professional control throughout the process.

The company values ​​are based on progress and innovation, maintaining a high level of quality, design and efficiency. We believe that the laboratories and dental clinics must meet international standards, and therefore we set ourselves the goal of being at the forefront of the most innovative digital technologies. The combination of wide range of materials and computerized manufacturing processes improves the end product from an aesthetic and practical point of view  and enables us to manufacture high quality dental crowns in a cost-effective manner.

Ms Dental Systems promotes the one stop shop service therefore we would like to present you the three departments that will answer all your requirements:


The training department – the department where you can receive frontal and by phone support services related to new software versions, questions about scanning and design modes, training on new products, and more.

The service department – where you can get quick and professional answers to all your questions

The manufacturing department – at our manufacturing department you can see the best machines in the industry that will get you perfect results.

We work professionally to promote any project on schedule. As a rule, the activities of the company research and development department are aimed towards constant improvement of the production processes and services and their efficiency in order to achieve perfect results. Thanks to the company's professionalism, manufacturing costs are more cost effective and more profitable for clinics and dental laboratories without sacrificing the quality of the crowns, the accuracy and the execution speed.




Looking forward to seeing you amongst our clients

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MS Dental Systems