Technology for dental industry​

Ms Dental Systems, a company that specializes in the operation of dental systems for the scanning and production of 3D objects, has brought to the dental industry the most innovative and accurate technological solution, based on a method that combines our machines, 3D scanning and one of the most advanced scanning and design software in the world. This combination results in the highest manufacturing quality.

We have no doubt that one of the most important requirements in the dental industry is high standards of aesthetics that can only be achieved by applying quality control. We undertake to continue to maintain the best quality level, in order to deliver to our customers products of the highest quality, without compromise. Today we offer about 29 products, amongst them: dental crowns, implants, bars, engravings and more. Our products are manufactured from materials such as cobalt chrome (CoCr), ceramic glass (e-max), plastic (pmmi) zirconium (Zr), titanium (Ti) and wax.

It is important for us to offer you, our customers, the whole range of production choices within the framework of a one stop shop service