Modules |​ Crown & Bridge

The foundation of prosthetic design within DWOS, the extensive capabilities of the Crown & Bridge module, provide simple and efficient workflows and flexible tools to meet the most complex dental scenarios thus enabling the lab technicians to fully implement their creativity.


Its extensive design capability includes a multitude of features that enable the user to create all types of crown restoration: telescopic crown, 3/4 crowns with mechanic retention, layers and columns, overpressed crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, attachments, individual structures, hollow facets, post and core structures.

The software offers maximum flexibility for the implementation of changes during the design session at any time. It is possible to switch from simple crown to full anatomic crown, split a bridge into three due to diverging preparations, or remove a pontic as a result of lack of space.


In addition, thanks to the DWOS open architecture, the user has access to a wide range of materials, implants libraries and anatomy libraries.

Moreover, the user can create his own anatomy libraries. The existing libraries are: material library, anatomy library (Merz, Vita, Candulor) implants library, articulators, Attachments (Rhein83®, Bredent®).


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