Modules | Partial Frameworks​

Our implant application enables the customization of the foundation design as well as open design for several implant systems. DWOS provides access to a wide range of implant systems that enable the design of customized structures. In addition, the users enjoy the flexibility of creating their own implants libraries. It is possible to design customized structures directly on the titanium base.


The customized structure – DWOS offers full control of the critical parameters: clinical aspect, screw opening that may be angular as well as the extension of the screw canal. The automatic management of parallel axes ensures the perfect entry of a bridge over the customized implant. Several groups of axes can be created in parallel axes.


Gingiva former – known also as a healing cap, a gingiva former is installed on the implant during the healing phase to prepare the soft tissues for the final restoration. Using DWOS, this device is typically designed on a preoperative model on which the implants were previously positioned within  , as a part of the treatment planning.


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