(guided surgery software)

The software offers a digital solution for implant planning and design of surgical drill guides. It helps users to achieve safe and predictable results while increasing efficiency and productivity.

CodiagnistiX is a proven innovative solution that reads CD files generated by CT scanners (CB) and matches scans of models or impressions that include gingiva and teeth data.

The software offers numerous benefits to dentists and labs:

Benefits for dentists

Benefits for the lab

Minimum patient appointments

Access to digital implant cases

Tools for the performance of minimally invasive surgery

Open system

Combines the restoration step (CAD) with the splint design

 Combination of the design step with surgery planning


Production of accurate implant guides for the lab

benefits of doctor

Minimum patient meetings

Tools to perform minimal invasive surgery

Merges the recovery stage (CAD) and the model builder

benefits of lab

 Access to digitally graft cases

Open System

A combination of design and planning phase of the recovery operation

Manufacturing & precise implant lab

CodiagnostiX is an open architecture software that includes implants, abutments, and sleeve libraries from a great number of manufacturers. In addition, the software is integrated with the DWOS CAD software thus enabling direct import of restoration designs from CAD to CodiagnostiX in order to merge preoperative data with the design of the future restoration. CodiagnostiX is able to generate preoperative programs for CAD/CAM open systems and to promote the design and production of temporary healing abutments and restorations.

Additional interfaces contribute to the improvement of the user experience with the CodiagnostiX software.


DWOS Synergy

Work interface that synchronizes the design and planning processes of CodiagnostiX and DWOS CAD and improves the collaboration experience. Due to this interface, professionals can cooperate in real time and considerably speed up the work process.


Communication through caseXchange

A communication interface for CodiagnostiX users that makes treatment planning a truly collaborative process and ensures full success.

* An excellent tool for cooperation and getting a second opinion from a colleague

* Online sharing of cases between specialists (dentists and labs)

* Case presentation to the patient using CodiagnostiX on IPAD



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