Laboratory scanners​​

7​series - Advantages and features


Benefits and characteristics​

Scanning chamber volume​

140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm


Laser, 3D cameras for high speed scanning and video camera

Number of axes​

5 (3 rotative, 2 movement)​


Advanced embedded computer of the series Core i5, 8 GB memory, dedicated RAM graphic card, 500 GB SSD, Windows 7, 64 bit​


15 microns​

File format​

STL & supported partner formats​

Electrical data 100​

100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz / 230 W​

Scannable materials​

Metal, gypsum, wax and plastic​


CE, OHSA, Canada (SCC)​

Screen ports​


Size/ width

38 cm, length 49 cm, height 48 cm​


20 kg​

High output​

Automatic canner with high scanning and design abilities including automatic boundaries, 30 crowns in 15 minutes, full jaw scanning in 12 seconds, fast scanning by video

High scanning space​


Series 7 gives access to a superior scanning volume (140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm) with a high degree of accuracy for larger models.​

Diversified scanning​

The Series 7 technology, based on the Negative scanning technology (ability to scan impression trays) combined with 5 axes of movement, offers access to a wide range of scannable materials​