Scanners of a clinic​

Portable Intraoral Scanner

The intraoral scanner was designed to meet the needs of the dentist that look for intuitive technology for digital scanning. As part of our objectives, we seek to help the dentist focus of the patient and not on the screen!

With a luminescent ring and audible signals that indicate when data is being successfully captured, the scanner allows the user to focus in the mouth rather than on the screen.

The scanner offers a small handpiece similar in weight, shape and size to the conventional handpieces of the dentists. This is a 12kg small desktop scanner with the same advanced software as its brother – the scanner with the cart.

The small size and weight of the scanner, its unique ergonomics and technology provide an unmatched scanning ability with an exceptionally small and robust handpiece (105 gram weight). The five miniaturized 3D scanners in the handpiece tip directly view the teeth and soft tissue from multiple orientations simultaneously, capturing even the most difficult to see areas. Scanning and image capturing are performed at a high level without the need for spray and/ or liquid.

Intraoral Scanner

This scanner is ideal for a limited working environment or a large number of users. It enables seamless connection between the dental clinic and the lab of choice using the intuitive connection platform DWOS connect. This connection platform enables the dentist to immediately send the scan file to the lab. The main benefits of the scanner are:


Small device ideal for customers with space limitations in their dental clinic, or who wish or need to move their IO scanner frequently.

The remarkably small handpiece ensures patient comfort and allows dentists to assume a natural position relative to their patient when scanning.

Gesture recognition technology allows for a touch-free operation of the system thus reducing the risk for dentist – patient infection.

Review tools that provide essential real-time evaluation of the clinical situation, such as occlusal distance.

Review tools that provide essential real-time evaluation of the clinical situation, such as occlusal distance and undercuts, ensuring that the ensuing CAD design generates the best possible restoration.

Captured data is automatically and immediately transmitted to design and production systems.

Dentists can choose to either save the date in STL files for local production or to send it through DWOS Connect to a remote lab.

Quick creation of a full prescription to be sent, along with the scan data, to the lab partner through DWOS Connect.


Benefits and features


Benefits and characteristics


Computer screen

Full HD, 17 ", touch screen


Intel iCore7 Hexacore, Windows 10, 16GB RAM ,   SSD 250GB



WiFi connection with lical WWLAN


Electrical data

220 – 110V, 50 – 6- Hz






Front ON/OFF button. Rear hook for cables management. HDMI and USB connection at the back of the screen. Magnetic stand for the handpiece on each side


Additional accessories


Carrying bag for the screen with removable handle and poaches for cables



Benefits and features


Full HD,17", touch screen



Intel iCore7 Hexacore windows 10, 16GB RAM ,   SSD 250GB.


Wi-Fi connection on a local WLAN



Front and back buttons for cable management, USB & HDMI connection at the back of the screen, magnetic bracket to the handle on each side.


Other accessories


Travel bag with removable screen and suitable for cables