Laboratory scanners​


A compact scanner with the most advanced scanning and design abilities, embedded with a 64 bit/ Windows 7 computer, designed to evolve with the laboratory’s growing needs,

Series 3 it’s an affordable solution to which additional DWOS applications can be added at any time. It offers the ultimate flexibility to the lab wishing to implement the CAD/ Cam technology at its own pace, while keeping costs to a minimum. When the business develops and the requirements expand, complementary applications can be installed as needed.

 7Series - All in one

Series 7 represents the advanced technology that uses BLUELIGHT and defines a completely new kind of scanners with unprecedented performances.

The scanner's very high resolution is due the last generation CMOS camera with five axes of freedom that provides superior access. It is activated by a 64 bit computer running Windows 7.

The optical scanning mechanism includes two high speed cameras and one video camera that contribute to the pre-scanning speed and provide optimal accuracy. The system scans and designs the work simultaneously. Scanning may be done with an open or closed door with the same accuracy and precision, with no lighting problems. The scanner door is used for the protection of the optical system against dust accumulation.