Dental wings Lasemill establishes a new category of dental production technology, offering unprecedented opportunities for dental clinics, labs and production centers to create restorations, using a wide range of certified materials, for unsurpassed quality and ease-of-use by using a laser milling machine.

Lasermill utilizes millions of short, high-intensity laser pulses (cycles) to remove small amounts of material from a block until the restoration is completed. The extremely small laser spot size allows a resolution more than 10X higher than traditional CNC mills, giving a sharp and accurate result. It reduces the production cost by eliminating the need for cutting tools, coolants, and complex setups. It has an integrated 3D scanner for the performance of checks and quality control of the finished restoration.


Benefits and characteristics

Low maintenance costs

No need for cutting tools, no spindles to replace, no cutting fluid to manage and/or compressed air; just low energy consumption and a long life laser with extended warranty.


Efficient operation

Quick and easy installation, compared with regular mills. And no need for secondary firing steps for crystallization.

Technology and materials optimization

Huge potential to optimize the final result with the use of materials developed specifically for laser ablation technology.



15 A, three phases/ 50-6-Hz, 100-240V


Freedom of design

Allows for high resolution works, including thin edges and arrows, not possible with traditional CNC milling. In addition, the open system of Dental wings enables connection with other open scanning systems

 Software updates

Software may be remotely updated with future software enhancements and new materials updates.


Additional information

Easy to install, internet connection, magnetic holder for blocks, quiet operation and reliable laser.


Benefits and features

Low maintenance costs

There is no need for tools for milling, changing spindles, coolant or air pressure, but only with low power consumption and long-life laser and extended warranty.


Effective at work

The Assembly is very fast compared to normal machetes. In addition, there is no need for a second fire for crystallization infused

Technology and material optimization

Huge potential for optimizing outcome by using materials developed specifically for laser milling.



100/240 V, 50/60 Hz /, three phase A15


Freedom of design

Allows the execution of high resolution works, including fine borders skinny and arrow, which is not possible in the traditional production of CNC. In addition, the Dental Wings open system enables connection with other open scanning systems.


Software updates

You can perform remote software updates for future software enhancements and new materials.



Simple installation Internet connection holds magnetic blocks work and reliable laser.